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Properly Licensed • Adequately Insured • Proven Reputation 
Design and Assembly Capabilities
For over 30 years, Howman Engineering has designed and manufactured high-reliability printed circuit boards for a diverse customer base that includes Fortune 500 companies, OEMs and contract manufacturers.

Our engineering and production staff transforms your idea from concept to prototype to finalized production. Howman Engineering’s capacity ranges from low-volume production to high-volume sustained production runs. We match our manufacturing partners to each project to ensure the best-in-class product according to your exact specifications.

Design and Assembly Capabilities
  • High-speed, multilayer digital PCB designs
  • Experience in both thru-hole and surface-mount circuit board assemblies
  • PCB layer management for signal integrity and impedance control
  • Convert legacy thru-hole designs to Surface Mount Technology
Always 100% Inspection and Testing, Never AQL Sampling, for Every Product
Contact Howman

291 US Highway 22, Ste. 40
Lebanon, NJ 08833

Mon - Fri: 8 am - 6 pm EST
(908) 534-9357
Our Mission 
Howman Engineering is committed to ethical business practices. It starts with leadership, from owner to management, exhibiting and exemplifying ethical principles. Howman Engineering interacts with our employees, our customers and our suppliers in a fair and professional manner. It shapes the way we view our environment, our local and global communities. It includes the ongoing process of improving our products in the areas of energy efficiency, cost control and sustainability.
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