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Howman Engineering offers complete electronic control development for both analog and digital designs. Howman has decades of design experience and prototype production and the manufacturing capabilities to bring your item to production.

We incorporate off-the-shelf components and devices as well as custom-designed electronic assemblies, including membrane switch panels, custom keypads, LED, LCD and Vacuum-Fluorescent Displays.

Howman Engineering has designed custom electronic controls for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications from Commercial Packaging Equipment Controls to Industrial Mixing Controls. INDUSTRIES SERVED

We offer ongoing product and engineering support throughout your product’s life cycle. Howman Engineering staff’s longstanding association with component suppliers assures your access to the latest technological upgrades.

  • Printed Circuit Board design, assembly and testing - LEARN MORE
  • Latest embedded controllers and microcomputers including Microchip and Freescale
  • A/D and D/A
  • Legacy Product Redesign
  • Motor Control, Temperature Control, LED Lighting, USB
  • High-Speed Digital Circuits
  • User interface and displays
  • Process, Machinery and Systems Analysis - OUR FULL CAPABILITIES
  • Deliverables: schematics, Gerber files, assembly documentation, CAD files
Howman Engineering designed and produced control.

Customer particularly liked having the touch screen … simple to add programs for their different products.
Contact Howman

291 US Highway 22, Ste. 40
Lebanon, NJ 08833

Mon - Fri: 8 am - 6 pm EST
(908) 534-9357
Our Mission 
Howman Engineering is committed to ethical business practices. It starts with leadership, from owner to management, exhibiting and exemplifying ethical principles. Howman Engineering interacts with our employees, our customers and our suppliers in a fair and professional manner. It shapes the way we view our environment, our local and global communities. It includes the ongoing process of improving our products in the areas of energy efficiency, cost control and sustainability.
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